The logistics of holding Jewish Cultural School classes on Zoom went a lot more smoothly our second time around.  After an opening recitation of the aleph-bet, a song and the Children’s Blessing, all led by Sarah Berman Young, students were digitally divided into their four groups.

The Littles Group, PreK – Kindergarten, teacher Josh Kaplan

This month at JCS we covered Tu B’Shevat, which was the topic that we missed due to our snow cancellation in February. It was nice to talk about Tu B’Shevat in May when everything’s starting to bloom, and people are out planting trees! We talked about celebrating the birthday of the trees, and being thankful for all that trees and plants give us. We planted some sunflower seeds, one for each student, and made guesses as to how much they would grow by our next session. We also read “The Giving Tree”, which is always a favorite!


The Middles Group, Grades 1-3, teacher Colline Roland

  summary coming soon

Paper cut-outs made by Middles student Ilsa Fine as a Shavout decoration.


The Juniors Group, Grades 4-5, teacher Renee Dorman

In May, the Juniors class studied the holiday of Shavout. We discussed the Ten Commandments and why it’s important for societies to have rules. One Shavout tradition is to decorate with flowers, so we made origami flowers together.  You can see how to make them at this link:

Some students stayed a little longer to practice Hebrew with a Kahoot!


The B’Mitzvah Group, Grades 6-7, teacher Eva Cohen

The B’ Mitzvah prep class started off the morning with opening activities and the introduction of a special project by Seth–our class guest! Then I (Eva) gave a brief reminder run-down/summary of what happens in the Torah, introduced the “Deuteronomistic History,” and talked a little about the difference between this “history” and the actual history of ancient Israel/Judah. We looked at some ancient archaeological evidence from Israel (the Tel Dan Stele), and students used their Hebrew and critical thinking skills to decipher and evaluate the evidence.

We read a few classic stories about King Saul, King David, and King Solomon, and then we explored those stories more by making and sharing dance moves inspired by dramatic moments in each narrative. I unfortunately experienced some disruptions in my internet connectivity throughout the lesson, and I appreciated students’ patience in bearing with me as I reconnected to our Zoom classroom.

The Tel Dan Stele


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