The Talmud Torah of St. Paul, which hosts the Jewish Cultural Sunday School and adult Sunday programs, maintains a kosher vegetarian school kitchen. Please read and follow these guidelines regarding food and the kitchen so that we can be respectful tenants in their space.

The kitchen is a kosher dairy kitchen. This means that only kosher, vegetarian food can be prepared in it. Meat or non-kosher food or ingredients must not enter the kitchen.

We can bring food into the building that isn’t kosher so long as it never enters the kitchen.

If food is prepared at home and brought for a potluck/activity, it cannot enter the kitchen even if it’s vegetarian–nobody can verify that it’s kosher/prepared in a kosher kitchen.

Plain non-meat ingredients like vegetables, fruit, milk, and eggs are all okay to bring into the kitchen.

If you are bringing packaged/processed food into the kitchen–anything you buy at the grocery store made from a combination of ingredients–make sure it has a kosher symbol on it that tells you it is either pareve (no meat or dairy) or dairy. This short article explains many of the different kosher certifications and symbols.

If we have a potluck, we need to bring our own utensils–don’t use Talmud Torah’s utensils. We should also use our own sponges for wiping up, and rinse them outside the kitchen.

Don’t bring dishes or utensils from home into the Talmud Torah kitchen.