On  Sunday, February 21, following Jewish Cultural School classes, we held our annual Purim Carnival.  Due to Covid-19, this had to be an online event at at first we thought that a carnival is one thing that can’t be done on line.  Wrong!  Our carnival was fun for all, starting with students (and some adults too) showing off their Purim costumes.


After that Eva Cohen, our ritual leader and rabbinic candidate, read the children’s book “The Queen Who Saved Her People,” by Tilda Balsley, an illustrated telling of the book of Esther.  For once, instead of telling everyone to have their speakers on mute, all were encouraged to turn on their sound to boo loudly every time the name Haman was read.  We followed that up singing along to a recording of “Hag Purim” led by song-leader Sarah Berman Young.


Then came the games.  Everyone divided into four Zoom breakout rooms, with a different game in each one.  Teachers hosted the games and rotated among all four rooms so every participant had a chance to play each of the games:  Esther Says (Simon Says modified for Purim),  Scattergories,  Quick Change Costumes, and  Tricky Book Balancing.

To top it off, every student who participated will have a gift bag containing homemade hamantashen and another surprise dropped of at their home in time to celebrate Purim when later this week.

Thanks to Anne Handley and Coleen Dorman , our superb Hamantashen bakers. 



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