Winter weather didn’t keep us from having a great turnout for our February Jewish Cultural School session.  Here’s a look at how each group spent their time together.

Littles and Middles Group  – combined, with teacher Colline Roland and teacher aide Ian Zukor

Today in class we hosted some 3,4, 5 and 6 year olds. Because of this our class activites were a bit more relaxed. Eli read us “Joseph Had a Little Overcoat”, and we talked about what the moral/theme; Bal Taschit. Then we each colored an item mentioned in the book and ordered them accordingly.

From there we talked more in depth about Bal Taschit and watched a video (Shaboom) for kids on Bal Taschit. Lastly we all created our own symbol representing Bal Taschit. (This idea came from recycling and the recycling logo♻️).

Most importantly, shout out to Ian for being with us and hosting a game of red light, green light after snack.

Watch the Shaboom video:



 Juniors Group with teacher Renee Dorman

In February, the Juniors class learned about Ellis Island. We looked at photos and used them as primary sources for evidence of what it would be like to be an immigrant. Then we wrote letters to of welcome and support to immigrants to the United States.

Julian and Rei (Juniors Class) at work.


B’Mitzvah Prep Group with teacher Eva Cohen

Coming soon!


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