The middles class had fun during the second class session learning about Hebrew and religion. We talked about Hebrew being the language of the bible, and the language spoken in Israel. We shared stories about our Hebrew names, and where they came from, and even picked new Hebrew names for those students who didn’t already have them. We learned the letters of the Aleph-Bet (the Hebrew alphabet), and learned a new song to help us remember all of the letters.

With Muriel, we practiced saying “hello, my name is ____, who are you?” in Hebrew, and took turns practicing.

Finally, we read the story of the Tower of Babel, and talked about how religion and language are similar in that they can either divide people or bring them together. We discussed that as Humanistic Jews, we focus on how all people are unique, but that all people also have a lot in common, and that it is important for us to work together with other people and try to make the world a better place.

Our crafts for the week included coloring the first letters of our names in Hebrew, and making name tags to hang on our doors.

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