In our last session we enjoyed learning and singing new songs with Rabbi Miriam and the rest of the adults…although the students may not have enjoyed hearing Scott singing “Peace Be With You” over an dover again throughout the class, but he just couldn’t get it out of his head!
Once again, we learned played a trivia game. This time the focus was on Purim. See the PowerPoint presentation to see all of the interesting things we talked about reelated to Purim; from foods we eat to the Babylonian origins of the characters in the Purim story.
The students had a great time making their own Mezuzot out of clay and our looking forward to painting them during our next class. Each student was asked to work with their family to decide what they would like to put on their scrolls that will go inside their finsished Mezuzot. In the PowerPoint are some ideas families could use to decide what to write on their scrolls.
While working on our craft we had a visit from Rabbi Miriam. It seems the kids were excited to meet a real Rabbi!

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