The April JCS session was lively and well attended, with each group preparing for Passover along with learning other lessons.  Music/Hebrew teacher Sarah Berman Young visited each classroom and reviewed songs for the Seder.

One more JCS Session this year – 0n May 19, 2019.

The Littles Group – teacher Josh Kaplan

Today at JCS we learned all about Passover. We got to see an actual Seder plate, and we made sleeves for hiding an afikoman. We read two Passover books and we learned the Four Questions.

Teacher Josh has about two weeks to go before the baby arrives, if all goes as planned. And, because some of you have asked, it’s a boy!


The Middles Group – teacher Colline Rowland

On Sunday our class discussed the upcoming holiday of Passover! We learned the story of Passover, illustrated the plagues, and learned about the Seder plate and why we eat the foods we do. We also played a Passover themed ring toss game that everyone loved!


The Juniors Group – teacher Renee Dorman

The Juniors group reviewed Passover rituals with a game of pictionary. Then we looked at the original story of Exodus using the Brick Testament ( Note that while the Exodus pages are not too racy, other parts of the website are definitely for adults only. Students reflected on the Exodus story. Teacher Renee issued a Passover Lego Challenge to all Juniors students: Create a Passover-related lego scene, snap a photo, and email your photo to Renee at All participants will receive a small prize in May, with a larger prize for the winning photo.


The B’Mitzvah Prep Group – teacher Eva Cohen

Our April class focused on learning about the Holocaust. For the first half of the session, students attended the Or Emet adult program, “The Garden of the Righteous: A Klezmer Music Program and Fundraiser” with Judith Eisner and the Naye Strunes Klezmer Quartet. Afterward, we dismissed to our classroom to discuss our responses to the program and to reflect on what we learned from it about the “Righteous Among the Nations” and their brave efforts during the Holocaust to save the lives of many Jews and others targeted by the Nazis. After break and a music and Hebrew lesson with Sarah where we reviewed the “Four Questions” and some related Passover vocabulary, students returned to thinking about the Holocaust, its causes, and different responses to it. We talked about different forms of resistance to the Nazis, ranging from the Warsaw Ghetto uprising and partisan resistance to helping people escape and hide to maintaining hope and Jewish cultural life. Students finished the lesson by each imagining and drawing a design for a memorial to honor brave Holocaust resisters.

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