Class Summary – Pre-school, December 2009

Written by EvaRCohen on Dec 21, 2009 in Cultural School, Preschool Class

Since the Humanistic Judaism packets were such a big hit last month, the students continued to work on them again this week. We finished up the section on what it means to be Jewish and have now moved into what it means to be Humanistic. We’re talking about the fact that we below to a world family along with own family and the Jewish family we’ve been talking about. We’ll continue working on these packets until we’re through with them, a little bit at a time, as the student’s seem to enjoy them and we’re about to discuss challenging but important topics.

This week we learned another new word” be’vakasha, which means please. Because our version of duck, duck, goose helped the student’s learn the word mayim in the last session, we worked on learning the word be’vakasha in the same way. Everyone seemed to get it, but learning new words are hard so it would be great if the student’s could try and practice these words at home.

We also practice the student’s parts in the Chanukkah play with the middle’s class and everyone got to be at least two characters! The students did a great job mooing, meowing, neighing, and making noise as children. I’m sure everyone will do smashing at the real thing! To learn a bit more about Hanukkah before it starts, we also read a book about how one family celebrated Hanukkah, complete with drediels, latkes, and the menorah.

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