Special Or Emet Event!! Preview of New Comedic Play on Intermarriage

The Or Emet community will be the special guests of the very first preview of a new comedic play about intermarriage, “A Christmas Carol Passover”, by David Morris. The play will be staged at 7 PM July 23 at the St. Paul JCC. It is FREE to Or Emet, although donations will be much appreciated. David Morris has a long interest in the phenomenon of intermarriage and treats the subject with great good humor. It is out of this interest that he attended our Sunday program on “Interfaithless” families and his play is much in keeping with the theme of that program.

Play Synopsis: “Jarred Goldstein and Christina Christiansen are getting married. The Goldsteins and Christiansens are about to become in-laws. They are meeting for the first time at the Goldsteins’ Passover Seder. Marvin—Jarred’s father—wants the Christiansens to be able to truly participate and feel right at home. But how? The answer: Marvin creates a “Christmas Carol Haggadah” so they will instantly know how to sing all the Seder songs even though they’re not Jewish! When the greatest “holiday story” is put together with the greatest “holiday music”, Presto! Passover never sounded so good!”

March 24, 2018
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